TruShave Cor.

TruShave Cor. is a new product my team and I created for Brand Management class. During this project, we researched and presented a complete marketing analysis of two existing competitive brands in product, retail store, service, and event. Then,  based on our research on these two competitors, we further planning a branding strategy for our new brand to compete with them.

Competitors Analytic/

At the beginning of this project, our team decided to choose a market we are not so familiar with to challenge ourselves, that was -- men's grooming products. We chose two strong men's grooming brands as our competitors to analyze: The Art of Shaving (US-based brand) and The Face Shop (Korean-based international brand)

The Art of Shaving

The Art of shaving is an upscale grooming brand offering men high-quality products for shaving and skincare. The company markets its brand as a system of shaving, therefore, its customers buy into the whole experience. The system consists of four steps: Prepare (pre-shave oil), lather (shave cream and brush), shave and lastly moisturize (aftershave balm).  The Art of Shaving’s objectives are:

  • Aim to focus on its target customers’ problem: Men who want to improve their appearance but lack the knowledge or confidence. 

  • Offer a simple 4 steps solution to help improve the way men shave and the results from shaving.

  • Make the products easy to try: Art of Shaving offers $25 starter kit, which can be used for purchasing a regular kit.

  • Have a strong brand message that reinforces the value proposition: “Welcome to the Brotherhood of Shaving.” This suggests that you are not alone, come join the club.

  • The CRM program sends weekly videos and content on how to get a great shave, which aims to reinforce the brand message.

Mental Map

Brand Resonance Pyramid

The Face Shop

The Face Shop is a South Korean based skincare and cosmetics brand, which is also the most popular natural plant brand in Asia. It prides itself on making high-quality skincare and grooming products using natural and eco-friendly ingredients. The core idea of ​​The Face Shop is "natural story". The brand concentrates on providing a product that is natural, has variety and has high values. The nature inspiration is translated through all their packaging, in-store layout and through their advertisements.

  • The brand insists to provide customers with whole natural products which are most consumers caring about skincare products nowadays. 

  • Targets young people market with its high-quality nature products and fair price, especially for people who have rough and bleak skin, fatigue skin, and dry or oily water-shortage skin.

  • The Face Shop’s product division is very detailed and full range; from cleaning to conditioning various products are readily available and covering all different kinds of skin needs. 

  • Their products are taken from pure plant and fruit essence, with delicate quality and affordable price, which made the brand became South Korea's most popular beauty skincare brand after it was listed. 

  • The Face Shop’s price point is much more meeting its younger customers, including their lowest price point: an only $2 dollars bag of a mask while the highest price is its $60 dollars’ therapy cream. In general, their price range is between $20 - $40 dollars.

Mental Map

Brand Resonance Pyramid

Market Analytic/

In order to understand the market more completely and more internationally in order to compete with these two competitors, we conducted a survey of those two brands' customers to receive primary data. Under primary data and secondary information we've collected, we were able to identify market needs and understanding the target group's buying habits. 

We collected around 60 surveys from both US and international customers.


The Art of Shaving

The Face Shop

We realized that the target group of The Art of Shaving is normally aged more than 25 years old. Half of them spend $50 to $100 USD a month on grooming products while 30% of them spend more than $100 USD. This target group has strong brand awareness and appreciates the identity of The Art of Shaving's "Brotherhood." They highly care about the ingredients in their skin products, which is around 70%, and 80% of them value the quality of products over price.

The Face Shop's target customers land more on 25 to 35-year-old age group. Around 32% of them spend $50 to $100 USD a month on grooming products. Normally, they have moderate brand awareness, which is around 43%. More than half (around 57%) of them are strongly care about the ingredients in their skin products and around 60% of them value the quality of the products than other aspects. 

Therefore, we created

TruShave Cor. is a new men's skincare and grooming brand based in San Francisco. We focus on providing high-quality products using natural ingredients to our customers who enjoy an all-natural lifestyle.

To men living an urban lifestyle, TruShave Cor. is an upscale grooming and skincare brand that offers men with authentic shaving products that make their skin “kissable,” and every kiss memorable.

Brand Mantra/

" Make Shaving Unforgettable."


" Make Yourself Kissable."

- Target on the male customer.

"Make Your Men Kissable."

- Target on the female customer.


Thinking Process

Target Customer/

  • Healthy lifestyle, focusing on appearance

  • Expect high quality in products

  • Upper-income level / live in metropolitan areas

  • Brand loyal but are open to trying out new products 

  • Like to be unique and stand out from the crowd

  • Range from corporate businessmen to edgy creatives, techies, and people whom all share the same core desire: to look good.

Brand Resonance Pyramid/

Product Features/

  • High quality with natural ingredients

  • Provide unique shaving tools

  • Offer professional knowledge for customers

  • Our product is only exclusive online

  • We offer 24 hours customer service

  • Customers are able to customize their own unique product set

Social Media Posts/

Since our new brand, the TruShave Cor. is an online exclusive product, our marketing and advertising strategy will mainly be focusing on social media platforms.

Example posts:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Leverage Secondary Associations/

We further think of how we can leverage our brand and connect tighter with customers. 

  • Leverage Social Influencers: Collaborate with social influencers to share our products and create a lifestyle image.

  • Partner with artists to design packages.

  • Sponsor Fashion Week with makeup and grooming products.


Lastly, we created an easy version prototype for the TruShave’s product set.

Skills Applied/

Analyze the research of techniques and brand building strategies. Using marketing strategies, collaboration in teamwork, oral presentation, and Photoshop design. As a result, we developed a brand strategy and marketing plan for creating a new brand to successfully compete other two competitors, and working effectively in a team environment.

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