PANO 360

"PANO 360" is a simulated product my team created for Marketing Communication class and further promoted on Kickstarter (simulation). PANO 360 camera is designed to create high-resolution photographs from any angle or perspective of the photographer. With a single click, our customers are able to take pictures in 360 degrees. This is a simple idea transformed into a product that enhances the experience of one’s travel, event, or memories.


“Make your happiness,

                         with no limit”

Target Customer/

  • 20-35 years old, both males and females

  • College students, individuals starting their business and people who love outdoor activities.

  • Living in urban areas + disposable income

  • Tech-savvy

  • Values uniqueness & creativity



As a team, we did research and came up with some of the workable benefits we wanted our product to have.

  • With 3 built-in fisheye cameras, only with one click will take a photo in 360°.

  • Able to work with both photo and video, even live video, with high quality.

  • Able to connect with smart services such as smartphone, iPad or computer; and edit the photo or video immediately.

  • Water-proof and lightweight.

  • Heavy bottom designed to be crushproof, even when dropped; the heavier bottom of this ball-like camera will keep camera upright. (Like a roly-poly toy)

  • GPS setting: Tells people when and where they took this photo or video.

  • Able to use in a car or outside of the house for safety and security.



We launched four colors for our classic PANO 360 collection.

We also planned to cooperate with potential businesses to launch special design and limited offers of PANO 360.

Example: Limited offer/ Disney design.

Press Release/

Blog Post

Membership Promotion Letter

Press Release/ Photo Caption

Social Media Posts/

We did research on each social media platform and structured a social media marketing campaign for PANO 360. We further scheduled weekly post time for each platform and created a special hashtag - #PANO360, in order to increase our brand/product's exposure.

Sample posts:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter



In order to attract people to support us on Kickstarter, we created a reward offered. When people donate a certain amount of money on our Kickstarter funding page to help us improve our product and raise the quality, they will get a different level of reward.

Research, plan, and develop an idea to meet the market needs and build brand value. We used SWOT analytic, Photoshop and illustrator to create the product. Team building, product management, and business writing were successfully utilized to launch the business.

Skills Applied/

Marketing Communication Project---

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