The Experience Exchange

No one can deny that TIME IS MONEY!

The Experience Exchange is an online service I and two other teammates created for the E-Commerce Marketing class. This online service allows users to exchange and sell restaurant reservations and event tickets with other users, while also offering a service to make reservations and purchase tickets when they become available.


“Feed your Curiosity”


As a team, we created five products for our E-Commerce business, which are: Even Exchange, Reservation Market, On-Call Concierge, Stand-In Service, and Table Tickets.




Through our website, people can easily trade with other users to exchange a reservation they already have. Want to switch to the Warriors' game with friends on Saturday night instead of the Giant's? Someone happens to think the opposite.

Price: Free.




Through Even Exchange, people can connect with other users in order to exchange a reservation they already have and make their schedule more flexible.

Price: Free.




Our on-call concierge makes any reservation for customers in any restaurant in the U.S.

The Experience Exchange has established relationships with some area restaurants, but users are not limited to our partners. We help people to navigate the restaurant scene in a new city during their trip.

Price: $3 - $10




Time is money. However, some of the hottest restaurants do not allow reservations. Our customers can schedule a person to wait in line for them so our valued customers can be seated upon arrival. Meanwhile, the person will give our customer text updates on estimated wait times.

Price: $5/15mins




Pre-paid dining is becoming extremely trendy at many restaurants. The Experience Exchange partners with area restaurants that sell pre-paid dinners to our customers with a discount.

Tickets vary, depending on the menu price and how close in time to the reservation it is purchased - the closer, the cheaper.


​"Fear Of Missing Out"

  • We are selling an idea: that experiences are worth more than things and that these experiences are fleeting.

  • Our campaign will follow the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) approach, but we will focus on using creative marketing techniques to generate consumer desire.

Target Customer/

  • Millennial generation (Born in 1980s or mid-1990s)

  • Urban settings + disposable income

  • No children

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher

  • Value culinary experiences and events

6 Months' Social Media Plan/

  • September : “Back to School, Back to Friends”

  • October : “Fall into New Experiences”

  • November : “Stay in with Family”

  • December : “Gift a Memory”

  • January : “Eat Right, Feel Fit”

  • February : “Experience Love”

Blog Post

Social Media Posts/

Based on the 6 months social media plan, we planned the social media posts for September 2017 - February 2018. Example posts:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter


After deeper research on the E-Commerce market and social media, we came up with a more complete business plan for our service. Then, I created and designed the website through for our brand while my teammates developed the text.

Skills Applied/

Research, planning, critical thinking, development of a website and social media to drive the sale and build the brand. Collaborative, team building, project management, execution, and website visual design.

E-Commerce Marketing Project ---

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